Why Hockenbergs?



Jack Stack Barbecue
Kansas City


Fiorella’s Jack Stack has deep roots in a town where barbecue pride runs deep. It was born out of the famous Smoke Stack restaurants, part of KC’s fine barbecue heritage. Today, Jack Stack has taken success to the next level, opening restaurants in the city’s most coveted locations and operating a worldwide barbecue shipping business.


Design, build and equip a barbecue restaurant in the city’s most exclusive shopping and dining district, the Country Club Plaza.


The space was previously home to another legendary barbecue restaurant, but it wouldn’t work for Jack Stack. Everything is made from scratch here, requiring large brick ovens on site, along with a variety of smokers and grills, and considerably more kitchen space than the average restaurant.


“Even though the space was set up for barbecue, it didn’t fit how we do things, so we gutted everything down to bare walls, floors and ceilings,” said Case Dorman, Jack Stack’s president and principal. “Hockenbergs has been a good business partner for years, so we got their design/build team involved right up front.”

“They had experience with other barbecue restaurants plus their work on our other locations. That really helped in laying out our kitchen and getting the airflows right. But this was no cookie-cutter design. All of our restaurants are unique, with their own characteristics that need to be worked out. Hockenbergs brought forth good ideas throughout the process.”


Hockenbergs equipped the Plaza Jack Stack kitchen, dining area and bar from top to bottom. The relationship continues today, at all four Jack Stack locations.


“Hockenbergs has been a great partner for us, because they consistently bring new ideas, new types of equipment or smallwares they think will benefit our business. Competitive pricing is important, but it’s that high level of service that helps us find better ways of doing things. They often see things before we do.”