Why Hockenbergs?



Keys Café and Bakery
Twin Cities, Minnesota


The Keys Café in Forest Lake is the newest of the nine family-owned Keys in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area (another store is in Hudson, Wisconsin). Barbara Hunn opened the first Keys in St. Paul in 1973. Extended family own and operate the restaurants today, which are known for memorable service and from-scratch recipes “you grew up with.”


Design, build and equip the restaurant and bakery in a new development, in under three months.


Hockenbergs was involved even before Day One. Owner Brian Carlson had never dealt with us before, but after hearing good things about Hockenbergs from other Keys owners in the family, he hired us to build his third store. Once he signed papers for the space, we went to work.


“We had a rough layout in mind based on experience, but they really perfected it in the design phase,” Carlson said. “We had never built one from scratch before, and this configuration was different, both the kitchen and dining area. They took care of everything.”


“For equipment and seating, they gave us the right options for what we wanted, ranging from entry-level to high-end, and helped us make our decisions based on price and quality.”


“Hockenbergs turned the drawings over to our builder and did a great job communicating with them about things I would never have thought of, like having adequate plumbing and power in certain places, which helped us avoid a lot of mistakes. They don’t miss a thing.”

“Hockenbergs did an excellent job on the installation, and had everything staged perfectly. They just know how to bring in equipment at the right time so the construction flows seamlessly. There was no waiting on Hockenbergs for products and parts.”

“I had other bids out, but Hockenbergs gave me more bang for the buck. Now I know why the rest of my family spoke so highly of them. I continue to use them for whatever smallwares I need, as well as new equipment.”