Why Hockenbergs?



Restaurants, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska (headquarters)


Restaurants, Inc. operates 25 stores in four upper Midwest states across six franchise concepts: HuHot Mongolian Grill, Stokes Grill & Bar, Genji Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Twisted Fork Grill & Bar, Smashburger and Old Country Buffet.


Deliver and install complete opening packages for numerous franchises and multiple concepts under strict time constraints.


Restaurants, Inc. had at least two stores in development every year for 10 years, and each one was on an accelerated, tight construction schedule, usually 60 to 70 days.

“We always kick off with a grand opening, a soft opening or some promotional event,” said CEO Gayle Carstens. “When you mail out invitations weeks in advance, you can’t have 1,000 people show up and not be able to open.”


Restaurants, Inc. utilizes its own architecture and design professionals, with whom we worked closely. “We relied heavily on Hockenbergs to have each equipment package down to a gnat’s eye.”


“We don’t put in cheap equipment, but we don’t do much customization either. Hockenbergs always comes forward with bulletproof solutions, options and ideas we can trust. We know we’ll get equipment and a partner we can depend on. It’s not just equipment either. Everyone tries to get our smallwares business, but I use Hockenbergs whenever possible.”


“I know when I plan to open a restaurant, that’s when it will open. Hockenbergs takes care of it and takes ownership. They know how to set up a kitchen.

“We usually would open the day we have our final inspections, and Hockenbergs would have everything set up two weeks before that. They are a tremendous asset to have at crunch time.”

“Various franchisors often want us to go with their suppliers, but I have known and been working with Hockenbergs forever. I haven’t found anyone that can beat them on cost and service, or come close to building a better relationship than we have.”